DMX Sweeper Collector

Heavy duty front mounted sweeper collector unit

The DMX Sweeper Collector is a powerful heavy duty front mounted sweeper collector unit designed for the construction and plant hire industries.

With a fully floating hitch mechanism and large diameter ‘speed rated’ castors the DMX Sweeper Collector makes light work of rough terrain, whilst the powerful direct drive brush motor and large capacity hopper ensure maximum sweeping performance. Shown above with optional fully floating kerb brush, the sweeper can be supplied with a quick fit mounting or fork frame to suit your requirements. Optional dust suppression water system is also available.


  • Large speed rated castors
  • Fully floating all terrain linkage
  • Sweeps & collects driving forward
  • Large capacity hopper
  • Direct drive brush motor
  • Single hydraulic service operation
  • Quick fit or fork frame mounting
  • Quick change brush
  • Choice of brush bristle
  • Optional kerb brush
  • Optional dust suppression system
Quick Spec
Use Heavy – Extra heavy duty sweeping and collection
Mounting Quick fit or Fork frame (Floating terrain linkage)
Power Source Hyd: 55 – 135 l/min flow@ min 140 BAR. Reversible
Brush Adjust Threaded vertical sliders
Brush Spec 610mm Diameter : Convoluted poly, or poly/wire mix
Drive High torque direct drive motor – relief valve protection
Hopper Capacity 0.6 cubic metres
Castors Diameter 254mm ‘speed rated’
Optional Kerb Brush. Water dust suppression system
Model Mount Sweeping Width Width Depth Ex. Hitch Height Ex. Hitch
DMX-240 Front 2.43m 2.71m 2.03m 0.81m

Sweeper Solutions sweeping attachments are available with a range of mounting options:

  • Quick release / pickup options
  • Q Fit carriage
  • Fork pocket mounted
  • Selector grab mounted
  • Quick-hitch mounted (for extractors)

If you have specific bespoke requirements please contact us .

Watch the DMX Sweeper Collector make light work of cleaning tough applications in a concrete plant yard. You can see more videos over on our Youtube channel.

DMX Sweeper Collector in Concrete Plant Yard

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