BBX Bucket Brush

Powerful bucket mounted sweeper collector unit

The BBX Bucket Brush is a powerful bucket mounted sweeper designed to convert a material handling bucket into a versatile sweeper collector unit. Three sweeper sizes are available to suit bucket internal widths ranging between 1.83m and 2.44m. Pick up lugs are welded to the bucket and the sweeper connected using a simple ‘quick attach system’.

With the BBX Bucket Brush sweeping and collection is best carried out in reverse. The high torque hydraulic drive is reversible and fitted with a pressure relief valve to protect motor seals. Sprung loaded jack legs reduce bucket edge damage, noise and vibration and the unit has integrated parking stands for storage and servicing when not in use.


  • High torque direct drive motor
  • Relief valve motor protection
  • Reversible brush drive
  • Sprung loaded jack legs
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Single hydraulic service operation
  • Quick fit mounting system
  • Internal debris shroud
  • Parking/maintenance stands
  • Quick change brush
  • Choice of brush bristle
  • Choice of 3 sweeping widths
Quick Spec
Use Heavy – Extra heavy duty sweeping and collection
Mounting Quick fit. Pick up lugs welded to customer bucket
Power Source Hydraulic: 40 – 70 litres/min flow rate @ min 140 BAR
Brush Adjust Heavy duty, sprung loaded jack legs
Brush Spec 560mm Diameter : Poly, or Poly/wire mix
Drive Reversible high torque motor – relief valve protection
Model Mount Bucket Width Sweeping Width Overall Width
BBX-SM Bucket 1.83 – 2.03m 1.78m 2.17m
BBX-MED Bucket 2.03 – 2.24m 1.98m 2.37m
BBX-LG Bucket 2.24 – 2.44m 2.18m 2.57m

Sweeper Solutions sweeping attachments are available with a range of mounting options:

  • Quick release / pickup options
  • Q Fit carriage
  • Fork pocket mounted
  • Selector grab mounted
  • Quick-hitch mounted (for extractors)

If you have specific bespoke requirements please contact us .

Watch the BBX Bucket Brush in action clearing slurry from a farm yard. You can see more videos over on our Youtube channel.

BBX Bucket Brush Clearing Farm Yard

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