Spare Parts

Off the shelf spare parts and brushes for sweeper attachments

We supply replacement brush sections to suit all leading makes of sweepers and sweeper collectors, including nylon and wire sections and push brush replacement segments.

We also supply spare parts. Sweeper bearings, sweeper drive motors and water tanks for dust suppression can be easily replaced giving your sweeper attachment a new lease of life.

Part NumberOutside DiameterInside DiameterMaterial
P1204318mm (12.5″)114mm (4.5″)Poly
P1505381mm (15″)127mm (5″)Poly
P2005508mm (20″)127mm (5″)Poly
P2205559mm (22″)127mm (5″)Poly
P22160559mm (22″)160mm (6″)Poly
P2407610mm (24″)178mm (7″)Poly
P2707686mm (27″)178mm (7″)Poly
W1505381mm (15″)127mm (5″)Wire
W2005508mm (20″)127mm (5″)Wire
W2205559mm (22″)127mm (5″)Wire
W2407610mm (24″)178mm (7″)Wire
W2707686mm (27″)178mm (7″)Wire
Part NumberInside Diameter
SP5127mm (5″)
SP7178mm (7″)
Part NumberOutside DiameterInside DiameterMaterial
P2205C559mm (22″)127mm (5″)Poly
P2206C559mm (22″)127mm (6 3/8″)Poly
P2406C610mm (24″)127mm (6 3/8″)Poly
W2205C559mm (22″)127mm (5″)Wire
W2206C559mm (22″)127mm (6 3/8″)Wire
W2406C610mm (24″)127mm (6 3/8″)Wire

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